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Knitting Village was born in the winter of 2008, having moved to a new area which had no local craft or knitting wool shops, desperation set in and with the encouragement of my family I set off on a new journey. Having always been an avid knitter I launched my first website.

Knitting Village aim to provide a wide selection of knitting yarns

We have since grown and now aim to provide a wide selection of knitting yarns, knitting patterns and knitting & crochet accessories to fellow knitters and crafters in the UK and round the world. I have the assistance of my two daughters who are both knitters themselves. Our aim is to provide a friendly, knowledgeable, speedy service to our customers and are more than happy to help with knitting pattern queries and technical help.

As well as making a wide range of knitting products including knitting patterns, wool, yarns and knitting needles available online, we also run several local knitting groups and have occasional workshops and events.

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