New Year, New Project

As we start a New Year whats going to be on your needles? As an avid knitter I pretty much have something on the go all the time. In the run up to Christmas I had a Rowan design project on the go, which meant my Christmas present knits got put aside slightly. Having finished the Rowan sweater I managed to get my mothers socks finished, but ended up finishing my fathers over the New Year, while I was on holiday with him!! They were my first attempt at two together, toe up socks, but I have to say I wasn't particularly happy with them, I ended up with a couple of holes around the heel shaping, that I had to sew up afterwards and the knitting didn't slide well on the circular needles. I suppose had I used a nice smooth Addi needle it may have been easier, but I didn't have the right size to hand. I think I will stick to top down, one at a time in future.

So for the New Year I am on a project for me a beautiful knitting pattern from the Rowan Winterscapes Book. We have plenty of patterns and books to inspire your next project for 2017, and a great array of yarns to bring your next project to life.