Slightly Mad Knitting Moment!!

Last night I finished my long standing knitting project and have nothing planned for the next one, so i decided to take a look on for some inspiration. I found the perfect project, Celtica (Drops pattern 143-1) I started this over 2 years ago and its now sitting at the bottom of my knitting basket waiting to be frogged! I decided to knit it in navy and over the winter evenings found it almost impossible to see what I'm doing with all the cables, as well as trying to watch the TV, so it got pushed to the bottom of the pile and abandoned.

I still love the pattern, so I decided to retrieve it and consider finishing, or re-knitting it. Oh my goodness, on rescuing it I discover the main body is nearly complete, I can't believe I abandoned it when its so nearly finished, but here comes the worst bit. At some point over the last few years I have 'borrowed' the circular needle it was on for another project and because I planned to frog this one I haven't kept the stitches safe.

I have just spent the last 30 minutes picking up over 300 stitches! I actually think I have got them all, however I have no idea, with all the cables, whether or not they are in the right order, or where about in the pattern I am. I will sit and work that out in the daylight tomorrow. For this evening I shall start the first sleeve. And lesson learned I think, in future save the stitches carefully!!